Are You A Round Peg Trying to Fit in A Square Hole?  Me, Too!!

You’ve been struggling with stomach issues, insomnia, headaches, skin problems not to mention stress off the charts.  Doctor after doctor, test after test and nothing seems to be getting any better.  You don’t fit into any traditional diagnosis’ and your doctor is starting to think perhaps you might just be a mental case.  

The system is failing you.  

Now, you’re looking into other alternative healing options and quite frankly, you have no idea where to begin because it just sounds way too out there, but……..

Over fifteen years ago I started on a path to heal myself, after conventional western medicine had failed me.  I suffered through my teen years into adulthood with various stomach problems, skin problems, migraines and insomnia.  No doctor was able to figure out what was going on.  I didn’t fit into any of their boxes.  

It wasn’t until my experiences in Washington D.C. on 9/11 that I had a breakthrough:  I was on my own.  

In the weeks and months following 9/11, I was lost.  I couldn’t sleep and when I did sleep, I slept with my shoes on and had horrific nightmares.  The sound of sirens, alarms and planes flying over my house completely freaked me out.  I had always collected crystals and rocks because I liked them, but after 9/11 I found myself turning to my crystals for comfort, a sense of stability. Because of my experiences with my crystals, I started researching them to figure out why I felt so much better with them near me, worn as jewelry or just in my pockets.  

Hi, I am Kristie, and I figured out the science and theory behind crystal energy healing and am able to de-mystify the “woo-woo” aspects of alternative healing so that my clients get a clear idea of why and how some of these “weird” things work.  As a massage therapist, Reiki teacher, crystal energy healer  and health coach, I have the scientific know-how and the “woo-woo” know-how to create the optimal healing plan for you to de-stress, increase your dynamic energy flow and maybe finally get a good night’s sleep.

Are you ready to heal yourself?

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